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Paula's Place

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Being Honest

So by now most of you will have finished the turkey, worked through the pudding and will at least have made a decent impact on your Christmas cake.  I am now looking forward to the New Year, rather than back at Christmas, however that does also mean assessing how the year has gone.  Last year I tried not to make any resolutions, just some rather vague aspirations, I think I did quite well in many ways. I didn't manage everything I wanted to but I did manage many of them.   Mostly I am generally content with my lot, and none of us can really ask for more than that.

Of course 2016 was a pretty lousy year for many people, not least because of all the deaths, elections, natural disasters and stuff.   On a more personal level I suppose we have all had our challenges, family issues and I have not been immune to all of those.   But I have decided to look forward to the future rather than regret the past.  I cannot guarantee that this will be my last reflection on the past but over all I do want to be positive and so I am looking forward to 2017, I may not like the idea of leaving the EU, I may be worried about the new US President but there is still plenty to look forward to.

For one thing I no longer have to explain myself to any people who matter, all my friends and family are quite aware of my situation, and the vast majority are not only accepting but positively encouraging.   This means that I can just get on with life being honest to myself, without too much concern over what others may think.

But I want to do more than just be honest, I want to stand up for what I believe in, in politics, in human rights, over equality, and creativity.

I want to do more, see more, play more music, of course I would also like to lose weight become incredibly attractive and win the Premium Bond (I don't do the lottery), but maybe I will just carry on as before and continue to muddle my way through life.

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