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Paula's Place

Monday, 5 December 2016

Advent Calendar III

Yesterday I was thinking about what to get people as Christmas present, A subject that takes up a lot of our time and emotional energy at this time of year; I believe often distracting us from what we are actually celebrating.

As well as a distraction from the mystery of the Transcendent become manifest (I suspect that there may be more of that later on in the Calendar). I fear that the exchange of gifts can get to be about more than a physical sign of our love or affection for one another.   Gifts can easily become more about the giver than the receiver.   They can be displays of taste, wealth, ostentatious generosity.   If there are to be any ostentatious displays at my Christmas they will be by me, and not of wealth!

I will be seeking to give gifts that will be appreciated by those receiving them, they will not be expensive, but I do hope they will be thoughtful and enjoyed.

I have already bought gifts for three people after my little shopping trip last weekend.   I hope that I will get the rest sorted out well before the deadline, I don't want to be stressed when it comes to Christmas, I want to enjoy the celebration, and the holiday, not be worried about gifts.
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