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Paula's Place

Friday, 2 December 2016

Advent Calendar II

Yesterday I started the thoughts about what is important at Christmas and Advent.   For many people, (not just Children) the true meaning of Christmas seems to be shopping and presents.   You may not be surprised to hear that I rather like the idea of rebelling against this.   I while back I heard somebody saying that within their friendship group and family they had adopted the idea that they would only exchange gifts at Christmas which they had made themselves.

I really, really liked this idea, I think it shows personal care and consideration for the person receiving the gift.   Effort and skill, rather than just money goes into making it. The very act of making something for somebody else is in itself an act of love.   I was giving serious consideration to how I would present this idea to my friends and family, when it occurred to me that there could be a downside. ~ Do I really want to receive something that my Brother made?

Which then leads on to the two questions, so what do I want for Christmas? and what am I going to give to those I love?
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