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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Memories and Remembrance

The other day I wrote a post, but when I read it back it seemed so gloomy and sad that I decided not to put it up here.   Enough to say that not everything is rosy at the moment, which is a great shame as I had such a good holiday!

This costume, but not this body!
It really was a great little break, and much needed, we did some sightseeing and some sun bathing, on Sunday I was lying next to the swimming pool in just my swimming costume, then on Tuesday morning I was scrapping ice off the van windscreen.

Although we had a self catering apartment I think I only prepared a couple of meals all week, and they were just sandwiches when we had had a big meal already earlier in the day. We enjoyed some good local food ~ the food in Malta is for me one of the many attractions, lots of fish including one of my favorites, swordfish steaks! ~ Quite a lot of local beer and wine and plenty of sun.

While here in the UK temperatures were well down into single figures in Malta we enjoyed temperatures in the high 20s one of the reasons I like to go in the Spring or Autumn is that in the summer it is just too hot!

Of course even if I am feeling a bit poorly and generally a bit under the weather the pages on the calendar keep on turning and we are rapidly approaching one of the most significant dates in our year. The International Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is on Sunday the 20th November, but as is traditional in Croydon we hold our event on the nearest Saturday, so that will be this Saturday the 19th November.    Once again I will be leading the event which will be in the Community Section of Bernard Wetherill House in central Croydon at 2:00 p.m.

If at all possible please come and join us, this is the most important thing that we do each year as a group and support from the wider community as well as the Trans community means so much to us all.   This year we will have the Deputy Mayor of Croydon with us, adding a visible sign of civic support for our community.
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