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Wednesday, 1 June 2016


I Can Fly!
I've been away, my first foreign trip for a while and it was great fun. I was on Tour with the LGSO in Cologne we played one full orchestral concert and some of the orchestra played a chamber concert the following day.   However it does have to be said that the focus of much of the orchestra was as much on the social side as on the musical!

The Best Dressed Tuba in Brussels
In short it was great fun to spend so much time with a bunch of lively young people, some of the time I was even able to keep up with them!

Although I may not have had a lot to play I think I managed to get noticed, not least for the size of my luggage, carting a 4/4 Orchestral CC Tuba across Europe by train is not for the fainthearted!

But it was all worth it to spend so much time with such lovely people.   Just seeing each other for a bit getting refreshments after a rehearsal is not the same as being together for a whole long weekend.   I got to know a lot of nice people a lot better, and that's nice.

I was one of only three women on the trip, but was never allowed to feel left out.
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