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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Not That Interesting, and definitely not interested!

It may just be that being trans is my new normal, it may be that because I have been presenting female full time for well over a year now, it may be because it is over a year since I legally changed my name, or it may be that it really is the case; BUT, I have come to the conclusion that being trans is not the most interesting thing about me!

The other evening after a concert I was in a pub in central London with several score other people, and there were four times as many Trans Women there as Tuba players!   As I was driving around yesterday I saw at least four people that I don't know that I would identify as trans, I meet others when I am out shopping, at the bank, and every other aspect of my day to day life. Statistics vary from 1% to 0.3% of the general population being trans to some extent or another, I wonder how that compares to the proportion of Orchestral Bass Trombones?

I live a very busy life, running my own little gardening business, and as part of a number of musical groups, I am a Church member and part of the RSCM and the RHS. I am a Chartered Waste Manager, I have a Mother who is an artist and a daughter who is a songwriter, I have broken six vertebrae and am still standing, I have ridden motorbikes across Europe and owned classic cars.

I have played Music at the Albert Hall and the Festival hall, I have played Rugby at a half decent level, and taken part in political campaigns, yet people still seem to be more interested in the length of my skirts!

I will admit that it can be nice to be noticed, and that it is rather fun to an object of desire, but, please don't assume that just because I am transgender I want to have a sexual encounter with any bloke who asks, especially if you can't even manage to ask nicely!

I have a wealth of experiences, skills, maybe even some talent. I have a mind, I am a published journalist (though not recently) and have a pretty wide range of interests.

What of all of this makes a man I don't even know, feel entitled to expect that I would want to engage in acts of oral sex with him?
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