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Paula's Place

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Lots going on ~ Just for a change

I can't say I'm entirely sure why, but I'm finding life quite challenging at the moment. Whether it's work, my music or finances, everything seems to be a bit difficult.   I wonder if some of this is because of my treatment, are the hormones making me forgetful and tired, or is it simply that I haven't had a holiday for over 18 months.

Whatever the reasons I find I am forgetting things, not getting round to organizing others, and generally living a bit of a disorganized chaotic life.   I'm hoping that one or two of the things I have managed to do this week might help, but I still have a long mental list of things I need to do to make my life work better, and top of the list is write down the list.

But just now I haven't got time as I need to "do" my nails before traveling down to Rochester where two of my good friends are going to be licensed as Lay Ministers today.

I like Rochester and I love the Cathedral there. It's not one the Great Gothic piles that are scattered across the Country, It's not the Oldest, Tallest, Longest, Widest or any other type of est. It is not a great tourist destination, in consequence it is still primarily a place of prayer and praise, a center of Christian activities in the area.   Today it will be full of happy, frightened, and eager people about to start a new stage in their Christian life.   I will not wish them good luck, I'm not even sure what I should be wishing for them, instead I will just pray that God will fulfill His plan for their lives.
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