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Sunday, 3 April 2016


For the last few years I have been saying that the coolest thing I have ever done, was to play in the backing band for my daughter, it was at a Church Social and she was singing a couple of Amy Winehouse numbers,  "Back to Black", and "Rehab". The other day I had to admit to her that she had been superseded.   Last month I found myself on a Sunday evening sitting in the World's only all female orchestra playing the accompaniment to "We are Family" with Sister Sledge! That has just got to be the coolest thing any Tuba player can ever do.

I have only just discovered that one of the other members of the brass section has her own blog and wrote a very good piece about the event so rather than go over everything that she said I will just send you over to Lauren's blog for all the details.

Brass Section Rehearsal
I will try to content myself just a few quick observations,

  • Everyone I met, in the orchestra, soloists, guests, organisers, even the conductors were very friendly and approachable, and there to enjoy themselves.
  • The musicianship of the orchestra was outstanding, for a scratch orchestra made up of a few pros, students and rank amateurs like me to get together some pretty challenging music with very little rehearsal was outstanding, to then have to transpose a whole piece at sight showed just what a quality outfit this really is.
  • To an old lag like me it was very encouraging to not only see so many talented women gathered together, but even better that so many are young.  I was certainly the oldest in the Brass section by a good couple of decades!
  • All of the "Stars" Sandy Toksvig, Sue Perkins, Sister Sledge Bonnie Langford and Sara Pascoe, all came across as very genuine and are exactly like they seem when you see them on the telly!
  • I do hope so much that I will be able to be part of this again next year
The Young, Talented and Beautiful Brass Section (plus me) waiting to go on stage

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