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Paula's Place

Friday, 15 April 2016


I have been getting increasingly frustrated over the last week or so, my telephone has developed an intermittent problem, which is off course also having an impact on my internet access. It has begun to feel as though every time I start doing anything the line goes dead and I lose everything I have been doing.   I know that this is probably not the case, but as I have had very few opportunities to get on here to lose those occasions when I have had the opportunity is very frustrating.

I have also had a couple of very unpleasant telephone conversations where the functionary at the other end has insisted on misgendering me, even after being corrected. I have now had to go so far as to issue a formal complaint against one of these callers; I await the outcome with "interest"!

On the other hand we have had some nice weather over the last couple of weeks and I have been able to get some good work done, last week I actually managed a five day week for the first time this year.   Indeed there have been several days when I have been stripped down to my tee shirt, I have even been considering getting my shorts out.   Just as well I didn't today as it rained most of the day!   I have had to replace some of my gardening machinery, a mower and a strimmer, the mower was on it's last legs, but I do get so annoyed that strimmers generally seem to be considered as disposable.   I can't find anyone to service a standard machine, so have finally caved in and bought an expensive professional machine in teh hope that it will last me more than a single season.

Well between trips to Cardiff, loads of rehearsals and meetings I have had very few opportunities to get on to my blog, or indeed anyone else's.

I shall try to catch up a bit over the next week, in the meantime here's a pretty picture of one of my gardens.
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