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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Can I stop now please?

Recently I have been engaged on a strange pursuit, I have been trying to prove Murphy's Law, for those few of you not in the know, it's Murphy's Law that states "a dropped slice of toast will always land butter side down," or if you prefer "if it can go wrong, it will".

Over the last couple of weeks I have

  • Travelled to and from Cardiff to allow my Mother to be discharged from Hospital, to find that she has been admitted a couple of days later.
  •  Lost my Van keys, in a customers garden, meaning a cab back home to collect the spares and then back to the customers again.
  • Had Bailiffs chasing me for Council Tax that was actually owed by somebody else on a different flat.
  • Had my van driven into at a road junction, the car then driving off with lights out so I couldn't even get their number.
  • Had my Broadband go down.
  • Had my landline go down (still not fixed)
  • Had the Fire Brigade break into my flat causing major damage to the front door (I had accidently left on an electric ring on my hob which set off the alarms)
All in all it has meant that the Blog has not been a top priority, and at times I not felt very cherished.    I have got into a frame of mind where I am constantly thinking about what is going to go wrong next, which I suspect would almost cause something.

A couple of men staying in a bed and breakfast meet over breakfast, one asks how the other slept? he say fine, he got in a little and started to get undressed, had dropped one of his boots on the floor, then realised it must have sounded quite loud so was very careful after that to be quite in case he disturbed anyone else's sleep. How did his breakfast partner sleep, Terribly, "I was awake all night waiting for the other boot to drop!"

I am currently waiting for the other boot to drop!
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