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Thursday, 7 January 2016

More Presents

I have already written about a couple of the fabulous presents I got given at Christmas, they were particularly welcome as I tend not to get many, so presents that had so much thought behind them are even more treasured.   As I say I don't get many presents now and the ones that I do get tend to come in bottles, and so tend not to last well.

However every now and then I get presents for no reason, in many ways these are the best.

All three of these pairs of earrings were presents, the sparkly ones on the left from a friend in my band, she was one of the friends I came out to well before I started playing with the band as me. I think part of reasoning was as a tangible way of showing support and acceptance.

The Pearl ones on the right were from a special friend who made them. I treasure them as much for who made them as for the gift.

The ones in the middle however are all together very special.

On one of my recent ~ but not Christmas ~ trips to Cardiff my Mother yet again observed that I had my ears pierced, not with disapproval just as an observation.   She is aware that I do not just wear the same studs all the time as I do mix them up a bit, one day plain gold coloured, another day pearls or maybe a something a little sparkly.

At one point my Mother decided that she should give me a pair of her earrings this pair was my choice, I remember my father buying these for my Mother on one of his business trips to Saudi Arabia.   He was so pleased to be able to buy something that nice in the bazaar, they are gold and pearl, but although they are valuable, to me they are precious.   I also really like wearing them, after all practically all of the rest of my jewelry is costume rather than the real thing.

Since then I have often wondered about my Mother's motivations, was this just a generous gift to her child, or was there something more.   I know that she can be lucid at times despite the Alzheimer's and I'm sure that she must remember some of my earlier forays into femininity, so I wonder, I wonder is this my Mother's way of saying, "I know and it's OK" without actually having to talk about it?
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