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Paula's Place

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Looking Forward

Over on her Blog Hanna asks the question so many are asking at this time of year, what are our aims, ambitions and resolutions for the coming year.   Just as it is natural to look back on the year that has just closed we also look forward.   We have passed the Solstice and the days are starting to get longer, no longer are we thinking of how to survive the Winter, we are now looking forward to Spring (or is that just me?)

Well to answer Hanna's question, as far as crossdressing goes, I wish I didn't have to do it anymore.   After starting to live my life authentically, full time a year ago yesterday, I now feel as though those (increasingly) rare occasions when I have to present as male are the crossdressing.   The other day I went to see my Mother, now I usually get changed just before I get there, and then again just after I leave.   Because that was not practical on this occasion I drove back to London presenting male, all fine and OK, until we needed a comfort break, and I had to use the Gents facilities.   It felt totally alien, and wrong, and there was no way I could bring myself to use a urinal, arghh! I quickly found a stall, did what had to be done, washed my hands and fled,

There are things I would like to do, my main aim for 2016 is solvency, and now I have moved I think I should manage that this year. I also want to go on holiday, take a trip to France and one to Malta.

I also have a great desire for at least on fabulous night when I can wear one of my evening gowns, do the whole glamorous bit and glide down a sweeping staircase while the rest of the ball goers look up at me admiringly.   I know that is just a fantasy, but I do have the gowns, and I do want to wear them.
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