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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Advent Calendar VI

Looking back on March I see that it was a big month for me, as that was when I finally got round to my legal name change, and telling all the different organisations that needed to be told. Nine months latter I realise that I still haven't told everybody, they will have to get it at the same time as I get round to changing my address! I see that it was in March that we started the process of selling the house, at that point I expected to have moved a lot earlier than it all actually happened

Otherwise was concerned about what to wear for some concerts,l and about how busy I was, so some things never seem to change,

I think the closest I got to anything profound, was my post on Lost and Found where I mused that for everything I gained in my transition I had lost something as well. I am feeling a bit more positive than that sounded now, there is so much that I seem to have gained. Not just the physical, calculable things like numbers of friends, places to live and worship, bands, orchestras and other signs of acceptance, but the more personal things like inner peace, an absence of self conflict and a personal homogeneity.

Some things have changed so much, others stay the same, maybe that's not just about this year, or my transition, maybe that is just the way things are. Maybe that is what life is like, I have moved home and changed my gender identity, but I am still essentially the same person I may now take my coffee as a latte rather than cappuccino,  and drink more wine and less beer, but my recreational drugs of choice are still caffeine and alcohol!

And I still like Betty.
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