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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Why do I do it?

It is now less than four days until I move home, going from a three bedroom house with garden, shed, and garage into a small studio I have so much to sort, pack or dispose of.   I should be focused fully on the move and getting organised; so how did I spend the weekend? Making Music of course!

Saturday I played with the totally fabulous London Gay Symphonic Winds, we played a good variety of music ranging from Shostakovich to Lady Gaga. With only the one afternoon run through as preparation I was kept at a peak of concentration and was on the edge of my seat the whole time.   This was a special tenth anniversary concert so we had a total of five conductors as some former conductors came back to share in the celebrations.   After the concert I had a mad dash back to Croydon for a meeting of the lovely Transpals, this was a meeting I really didn't want to miss, I just about made it there before closing time.

After Church on Sunday I had an afternoon concert with the All Saints Concert Band as part of the Herne Hill Music Festival, after that it was straight up to town to rehearse for this weekend's LGSO concert.

After all this I simply had to take most of Monday off to prepare for the move of Friday; as I look around the house right now I simply can't see how I am ever going to ready to move out by Friday, the thing is I don't have a choice so somehow I will have to be ready.

So for now I am feeling a strange set of emotions, worry, sadness, excitement, but overwhelmingly, I am feeling tired
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