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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Nothing is Simple

I knew moving was going to be expensive, these things always are, I knew I would have to do some work on the flat ~ though not as much as I now find is needed.   I also knew that there would be some taxes and costs associated with changing power suppliers, council and other stuff.   I hadn't anticipated that moving a couple of post codes would put my car and van insurance up so much, nor had  I anticipated the sheer amount of bureaucracy I would encounter.  Bromley Council seem to me to want an unnecessary amount of information before they will agree that I have moved, even though Croydon are quite happy to accept my word.   However Croydon do want a copy of my Car Registration Document before giving me a residents parking permit, so until DVLA sort themselves out I have to fight for one of the very few unrestricted spaces within half a mile of my new flat.

Avon could not accept my new address over the phone and so sent my order to the old address, now I have to collect it from the courier's depot in Kent.

This morning I tried to change the address on my driving license, I was so happy when I discovered that I could do this on line; only to be equally disappointed at the end of a lengthy process, N.I. Number, Passport Number etc. etc. to be told that I couldn't make changes on line as my Passport and Drivers License don't agree.

My Passport is still in my dead name due to the wait I have had for my second appointment with the GIC, my License has my new name, but still has male gender markers.   On balance I plan to wait another few weeks get a letter from the GIC and change both at the same time ;~ 0n the bright side at least this will give me the chance of a better photo!

I had also not anticipated shelling out for a couple of new tyres and tracking on the van:~ why is nothing in my life simple.
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