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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

I'm Going Slightly Mad

I am just starting to write this post at 4:41 in the morning; it's not my habit to be up and about at this time, but I found myself just lying in bed churning things over and over in my mind.   Getting up having a cup of tea and doing a little more packing seemed like a good idea.   I am sure I will pay for it tomorrow when I will be sleepy all day, but the chances of any sleep tonight seem to keep diminishing.

I am currently feeling more than a bit intimidated by all the stuff that I need to pack away and move, or get rid of.   The storage arrangements I have been able to make are not ideal, and my van is too small, but I have to keep telling myself that I have time and a little each day will get things done.   I think I need to relax, make a list of all the things I have to do, and all the people I have to contact and do a couple each day.   Great idea but I start something get distracted move to something else and then hours later find the thing I started.   You may gather I am feeling more than a bit stressed!

I've filled six boxes so far yet I haven't started on books, or the kitchen, or my clothes ~ my clothes! this is the point when I finally realise just how many clothes I have! Why on earth have I accumulated ten black dresses?!

Right! Two hours till I should be getting up, one more cup of tea, one more box, and then I'll go and lie down for a bit!
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