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Monday, 31 August 2015

Sometimes I worry.

Here in the UK immigration of one kind or another has become a major issue, it seems that a lot of people are frightened of being overwhelmed with hoards of foreigners.   One of things that worries me most is not the immigrants, it's not the xenophobia, it's the politicians stirring it up! The very people who should be encouraging acceptance and integration are the ones who promote hate and intolerance.

We are meant to be a Christian Country, we have an established Church ~ The Church of England ~ and our Monarch reigns by right of divine anointing,   So why do we find it so difficult to abide by some basic Christian principles.   The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has been doing his best, he has consistently reminded us of our duty to care for others, to be compassionate and supportive, but it seems that his, and others words fall largely on deaf ears.

I simply cannot understand what is happening in our Country, is it simply that our political leaders think that by setting up other hate figures we may not notice what they are doing to our society?

I think it is up to all of us who follow Jesus to follow his example, and in everything we do display his love ~ not just for our friends and family but for everyone, as he put it, even for our enemies.
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