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Paula's Place

Monday, 15 June 2015

A Rose by any other name is still an annoyed rose!

After yet another ludicrously busy weekend this morning failed to happen.   I was almost awake before nine but just could get myself to stir until around ten, just about time to have a it of a tidy up and manage a couple of household maintenance jobs I have been putting off for simply years before a visit from a guy doing an energy certificate and floor plan for our house sale.

That's right the house is now on the market, and unless something unexpected (like winning first prize on my Premium Bonds) happens I will have to face up to moving.   It is ironic that the house is now cleaner and tidier than it has been since we moved in around 16 years ago, and I keep seeing why we wanted to buy it in the first place.

On a different note; ~ I recently changed my name on my Driving License, this now shows my proper title and current name (even if for those who know how to read it it does still carry a male gender indicator) and I was impressed b how simply and quickly DVLA managed to make the changes and ge the license back to me.   I thought that I had better change he name on the registration document of my van at the same time, this was not so simple it took the two attempts to get the name right, and that of course meat two stamps!

Assuming that these problems were something to do with the change of name and title I expected that I would have no problems when I registered my new (to me) car, I gt the registration certificate ack in the name of Ms Paul John .... that is a pretty special mistake not least because I have never been John!

Thinking that I would be well away from that sort of grief I picked up the program for the concert I was playing in on Saturday joking that I just wanted to make sure they had spelt my name right.   When I did check I found that despite sending e-mails with my details they had still got it wrong and printed my name as Pauline! I think I felt considerably more insulted and annoyed about this than when somebody makes a slip, forgets and refers to me by my old name.
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