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Saturday, 2 May 2015

The end of the Tunnel

Sometimes I find it hard to keep going, I just want to stay in bed until it's all over.   Usually I realise that this is not an option and do get up, or sometimes I get up just because I'm hungry.   I don't handle stress well, neither do I handle rejection well which makes it rather ironic that I find myself in such a stressful situation dealing with rejection.

By now I had hoped that I would be out of one of my tunnels, a lump sum I should have received a couple of weeks ago would have allowed me to resolve a lot of financial issues, and primed the pump to develop my business to the next level.  Instead the Abbey Life have created such a bureaucratic nightmare that what they originally promised in 10 day they are now suggesting will take 28, this would not have been a problem if I hadn't promised to pay other people within 15!

Add to that my chainsaw playing up, problems with the van starting (which I can't afford to get fixed), and having to work over the weekend and all in all I'm feeling rather as though the end of the tunnel has been moved further away again.

Maybe that's the nature of the whole light at the end of the tunnel metaphor, you can see the light but can't tell how far away it is, there is hope, but it is not yet fulfilled.   I could get all theological here but for once will resist the temptation, instead I will mention a little glee I experienced earlier the week.

The highlight of me week is always the time I spend with my daughter, she is beautiful, talented, compassionate and good company,   We also share a lot of interests, including music, food and films, this week we watched "Avengers, Age of Ultron" a thoroughly enjoyable bit of hokam with actors who are very easy on the eye, incredible special effects and a very impressive score.   My daughter insisted that we stay till the end of the credits in case there was any little extra at the end, I'm glad we did stay since that meant that I saw a friend f mine got his credit for conducting the orchestra.

All too often you will find that even though the sandwich makers, bean counters and taxi drivers get a credit the only people who get a credit for the music are the orchestra and the composer, with all the copyists, engineers, coordinators and indeed all too often even the conductor left out.   If you are in any doubt as to just how important the music is to a modern film, try watching an action/adventure film without the music!
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