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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Swimming Uphill

I have been having a bit of a tough time recently, I know that a lot of this is about dealing with the consequences of earlier bad decisions, but that makes it no easier at the time.   Most of the issues center around money, or time, and more money would allow me to work less which would mean more time.   It does feel as though every time I get a little bit forward something comes along and knocks me back again.   I have spent a little bit of time servicing lawn mowers and my whole fleet is now working at optimum performance.   So of course that means the van starts to play up , it will only start if primed with "Easystart" so I am tring to use it s little as possible untill I can get it professionally looked at.

With my friend Patricia at TAGS
a couple of months ago

I love swimming, I don't get to go very often and I'm not very good at it, however none of that stops my enjoyment, I am happy just slowly swimming lengths, changing my stroke (if that's not too grand a word for what I do) every now and then from my old lady breast stroke to a bit of very splashy back stroke.   I am no good at crawling (maybe that's one of the reasons I'm self employed)   A few times recently I have tried to get along to TAGS on a Friday evening, but whenever I do something seems to come up to stop me.

Maybe it is just the nature of being both a gardener and a musician.

However I am committed to going swimming, it is the only aerobic exercise I get, and I may even try going to my local pool.   I need to start going more often, if only because I have now just ordered a second bathing costume!

Don't worry I will not be abandoning an appropriately matronly style, but am moving away from inconspicuous black to a much bolder Gold.   I have just ordered this as a treat for myself on my Avon account.   I have now been an "Avon Lady" for six months and have found that I am having to exercise some self restraint buying cosmetics; but I do need another swim suit, and a bit of a treat to cheer myself up.

Somehow I doubt if I will look this good it though!
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