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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Now it's Here, Now it's Gone

Yesterday it felt as though Summer had arrived.   I left Cardiff early in the day and by the time got to the Severn Bridge it was already getting warm, arriving back in London it would have been nice to put on a pair of shorts and go out into the garden, instead I had to do something quite different.

Summer ready nails,
with washing drying in the background
I had an afternoon meeting that required one of my increasingly rare incidents of cross dressing.   This is the single area of my life where I still have to be "Him" for a bit longer so it was on with shirt, tie, suit and heavy shoes.   Initially it all felt very strange and slightly unpleasant, but after a while I got into my role, relaxed and played the part rather well, indeed I was almost comfortable.   However four hours later after the job was done and I got home, the first thing I wanted to do was get changed and put on a bra!

As it was still sunny I also put on some shorts and got out into the garden ~ I didn't manage much but I have started to clear my veg beds so I can at least start to grow some produce this year.   It felt so summery that when I cleaned up and got changed for my evening's rehearsal I went for a summer colour on my nails.   This morning I got up and fund that it is a bit grey and a lot cooler, and my nails now look a bit bright!   But it won't be long till we can show off our legs paint our nails pink and revel in all the joys of summer.
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