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Friday, 24 April 2015

Uniform ~ Concert Dress IX

I have been quite unsure what I will be writing about today, I am, of course, quite aware that I have been behind with a couple of posts this challenge, but I am unequivocal in my determination to uphold the challenge and complete every letter in a "timely" manner.

I think I just might have mentioned that I am busy at the moment, I have two concerts this weekend and for both of them the uniform is all black, and after such a busy time I had to pop home at lunch time today to hang out my  washing so that I can uphold the unity of our appearance. 

I am playing trombone for both so will probably opt for one of my LBDS on each occasion.

As ever I wonder just how much to dress up, or down.   I want to reflect my character, but at the same  time I do not want to detract from the performance by wearing a dress that screams "LOOK AT ME"   To be honest about it I am beginning to get a bit bored with the all black uniform.   So many bands and orchestras seem to be going this way that it is getting to be pretty ubiquitous; I am sure that with very little effort something a lot more interesting can be managed, and make the concert more of an event for the audience.

For me the all black is a bit dull and fails to be either informal or formal. I little splash of colour or at least a little variation would make us all look that much more interesting.   I know the audience are coming to listen rather than watch, but how we look is part of the performance.   We have moved away from white tie as it was irrelevant to most audiences, black tie has gone the same way for the same reasons (although I do like to see a man in a dinner jacket) I just feel we can do better than the all black ( without jackets or ties)

Of course the ladies can always add a little sparkle or "glamour" with the right choice of hosiery and accessories, but for the blokes, black trousers, black shoes, black shirt, ~ BORING!
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