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Paula's Place

Friday, 24 April 2015


I'm tired, as I said before I have had a cold which has turned into a cough and as a consequence I haven't been sleeping very well, so yes, I am tired.   But more than this I am tired of ends not meeting, I'm tired of constantly having to check my balances before I can spend any money; I'm tired of having to put off one debtor in order to satisfy another.   In short I'm tired of being poor.

Here we are in the midst of an election and I keep hearing candidates telling me how much better they are going to make my life, they talk of improving this and that, but I hear none of them telling just how tiring it is when things are not going well.   Just how much of a drag it is constantly fighting to make ends meet.   When there is not enough money there is a constant strain, a constant preoccupation with simply trying to survive.   I have heard our leading politicians described as a "Bunch of Posh boys who don't know the price of a pint of milk" I like this image, but underlying it is the reality of the new political class.   No longer are our politicians working people who are trying to make things better; ex soldiers trying to make a better country for those who fought for their country; or even individuals dedicated to an idea, an ideal of how to improve the lot of the working man.   They are alien to the majority of the voters they have no idea what it is like for the majority simply trying to live, and that may be why the majority refuse to vote for any of them.

On the upside I see that they are now seeking to support "Working People", last election it was all about "Hard Working families" in another five year they might have got round to people like me, the bone idle!

There and I bet you all thought that T would be for "Trans" "Transition" or maybe even "Transgender"; but lets be honest that is only one aspect of my life.   Although it does take up quite a lot of my emotional energy just at the moment finances take up even more.   I am being messed about by an insurance Company who are meant to be paying me my pension fund, originally promised by the 20th April I am still waiting my funds and am now being told that I will have to wait another few weeks.   I am losing confidence that this latest promise will be kept and in consequence a feeling let down, betrayed and generally pissed off fed up.

By now I had expected to be able to re-enter solvency, instead I am still fighting off Peter in the vagues hope of keeping Paul happy.

Thank God for music!
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