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Paula's Place

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Game On!

Today we have got as far as the letter G, this has been by far the most challenging so far this year, and indeed, as difficult as any last year.   Not because G is a particularly difficult letter, nor indeed because I can't think of any Gs that are relevant to my life at the moment, just none that seemed to work with what I wanted to write about.

 I had more or less plumbed for G for Gardens as I spend so much of my life in gardens, caring for them, enjoying them and keeping them healthy.   I have over the last month or so taken on another three gardens, each of which has some interesting and unique features.   One of them has some pretty large lawns, a rose bed and some nice trees,   The only trouble is it also has some areas that have received no proper care for several years and I have had to put in a lot of extra work just trying to bring it up to a sensible starting point   I have also started work at a good friend's Garden, she has several nice specimen plants, that mostly just need a little care and freeing from the overgrown plants around them.   It is nice to work in a garden that is well laid out and has interesting plants, it is certainly a lot more interesting than spending a day cutting grass.

Today I have had a trip to the central composting site, and spent time at two gardens, at the second I raked several sacks of moss and dead dry grass out of the lawn, a horrible job but one that I know will pay dividends later in the year.

After a quick wash and change I was off to the final rehearsal of CSB prior to our  appearance at the finals of the National Concert Band Festival on Sunday. over the thirty years the festival has been going we have been invited to play at the finals nine times, and on five of those occasions we have be given the highest award.   Even though we have been there before, and have a certain level of expectation it is still a wonderful experience, and a real privilege to be part of this festival, and although the festival is not competitive, we still want to perform to the highest standard we can, and be given the highest award we can get.

This evenings rehearsal was "difficult" but that just gives us the opportunity to raise our level of performance.   I think we are all looking forward to our weekend in Manchester and our performance at the Royal Northern College of Music Certainly we are all keyed up to give the best we can, and enjoy the exterience, so that is why my G for today is GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Game
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