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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Finds and Fails

Easter Sunday is a very important, no the most important, festival of the Christian calendar.   Christmas is fun, Pentecost is fulfilling, and Good Friday is important, but it is Easter that makes all the rest fall into place, and show their true meaning.   Without the resurrection then none of the rest makes sense.   It is therefore important to me that I celebrate this festival properly.

Back here I touched on finding a new Church, well on Sunday I returned and had my hopes confirmed.   This week I did see my friend / customer there and sat with her, I also met a few more of the other members.   Everyone I met was very nice, friendly and accepting, the preaching is imaginative, but based on good solid orthodox theology, and the music is pretty good as well.   Last week it felt as if I had come home, this week it felt just the same ~ right!   I have come to the conclusion that God took me there, and I will honour that and continue to go.

Next week I won't be there as I have other plans, but that's another story.

Looking back over previous posts, I reckon it's time for a couple of updates, first amongst other things I wrote here about my drinking, I have started taking action, and starting this week I will be making sure that I have at least one alcohol free day each week, and limiting the quantity on the other days.   Yesterday was a booze free day so I am off to a decent start.

A few days before that I wrote about my weight, perhaps not unlinked, and my aim of losing over a stone in a month, well it doesn't look as if I am going to manage it.   I am still over the 12 stone mark so will be unlikely to get down to 11 stone 7 pounds by the weekends, however I will be very happy if I manage to get below 12 stone. I will post an update at the end of the week, however embarrassing.
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