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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lies, Damn Lies and High Heel Boots

I have been musing on you my visitors, Blogger very nicely provides us with a few statistics, including where you come from, how you got here, and how many of you visited which posts.

By far and away my most popular post was some musings on Trans Fiction which I headed Fiction Mania? since I posted this back in January 2012 it has had over 15,000 page views, more recently my posts on MiniSkirts and TV have both been popular with the later gaining over 130 pageviews already.

One search was for "Comfortable Tuba Underwear" I'm not sure which is oddest that this came up on my "Keywords" list, or that it had led to at least seven, yes seven hits.   Does that mean that seven separate people all searched for Comfortable Tuba Underwear or that the same person made the same search seven times?   There are so many things that I simply don't understand that sometimes I have to make the decision to just not think about them any more.   In many ways I feel as though I have enough problems of my own without worrying about other peoples.

Having said that I have two separate friends who have both lost their mother over the last few weeks, others who have no job and little prospect of finding one, others recovering from or living with serious illness so on balance a few rather odd web searches are hardly ground shattering occasions, and if they bring a little joy who am I to question?

On different note I have had it brought to my attention through Facebook that January is Ladies Boot Appreciation Month, or L'BAM I have been more than happy to make my contribution.   Indeed I am such an enthusiast / sad person (delete as appropriate) that I have set up a Facebook page for this very thing.   Please take a moment to go and like it, and please feel free to make a contribution or post a comment.   Let's face it January can be a pretty grey, boring month so a little bit of fun can hardly go amiss.

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