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Monday, 5 January 2015

Cramping my style

On Friday evening I once again joined the TAGS Gender non conforming swimming group. It was very good to meet up with some friends, have a night out that doesn't involve consumption of anything fattening or unhealthy, and to get a bit of exercise.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been pretty idle, with more emphasis on the idle than the pretty, that's fine for a couple of days but after a while it does begin to pall.    So it was lovely to get into the water and start to use a few muscles while I still have them.   Unfortunately after a while I got a touch of cramp and had to finish a little early.   I know a while back I started to get cramp and couldn't work out why until I realised that my ex was using low sodium salt as well as cutting down the amount in order to deal with her high blood pressure.   I added salt back into my diet and have been fine.   Now the only time I get even a hint of it is when I am swimming, and then it is only in the sole of my foot.

I have now been given an exercise that should help, it certainly won't stop me swimming, I hope that I will be able to start going more often, it's just unfortunate that the swimming group often clashes with rehearsals for a band I play with.

Earlier in the day I went out to deliver some of my new Avon Catalogues, the two neighbours I popped them into were both quite happy to see me and chatted about me starting to do this, then I walked down the road to drop one into a Church friend who had already expressed interest.   Another friend was there so we had quite a chat and a cup of tea.   Bearing in mind what I was doing and where I was going I had made a bit of an effort with my presentation so it was nice to be complimented on my appearance, I had debated with myself for a while on the combination of brown tweed mini skirt and black tights, but in the end stuck with it and was fairly happy with how I looked.
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