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Paula's Place

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Concert Dress IV

Last night  played with the lovely Pelly Concert Orchestra, It was an interesting a fun concert, but I will say that I had a lot less to play than I expected.   Out of eight or nine Items I was actually only needed for five, and on the whole they were the shorter pieces.   Still I did better than the harp who only played in three, I suppose this is the lot of those of us who play the more esoteric instruments.

Since I have been writing a bit about the considerations around what to wear when playing I thought I would show you the outcome of those considerations for last night, I managed to prevail upon one of my colleagues too take a quick snap of me with my "new toy" on my phone.

I lie this dress, the way it hangs, the length the fullness of the skirt, but last night I could have done with something a little warmer.
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