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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Look who's coming to dinner.

We have a well worn phrase for the big clean up, when we go through the whole house cleaning and tidying up, we call it spring cleaning, I suppose this goes back to the days when our lives were ruled by the seasons.   It seems to me that lots of my friends are doing a major midwinter clean, as they prepare to entertain friends and relations over Christmas.   Spare rooms are aired and beds made, furniture polished and floors washed.   We would hate for people to see how we actually live!

I trust the friend who is coming to dinner tonight is a good enough friend to forgive a bit of dust and untidiness.

Well I have now settled on my menu for this evening, (however I will not reveal it just yet unless there have to be any last minute changes) I hope it goes down OK, I have had to invest in some lactose free cream and cheese, so I also have to hope that they respond in pretty much the same way as "normal" cream and cheese.   I enjoy cooking so it will be fun finding out, I enjoy cooking but I enjoy cooking for other people more, for me it is a way of saying "I love you", cooking a meal is a form of hug, especially from someone like me who finds it rather difficult to express emotions.

I am still left with the rather vain problem of what to wear, I had settled on my mauve body con dress, but then I thought about my matronly green dress, to help me make up my mind I opened up my wardrobe to take a look at them both and then saw the white cocktail dress that needs to be worn, and then a nice black and silver sparkly knitted tunic that looks great with leggings...............

Maybe I should just stop thinking about it and stick to jeans and sweater, but should I wear the skinny jeans or boot leg? black or blue? I can be decisive, but not often.
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