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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Advent Calendar ~ 23

I have already mentioned (far too often) that I am pretty broke this Christmas, and will not be buying many presents, I think I have also reflected that this has helped me to focus on what Christmas means to me, it doesn't seem to have had the same effect on Lila

As we near the great day, maybe it's time for a little reflection.   Over the last few days I have played carols around the Parish, at an open air Christmas service, and on Sunday evening my Church carol service.   Since September I have been playing all of my non-church music fem, but I have tried to present male at church, for a number of  reasons, one of the most important being that my wife is the Parish Administrator and I have no wish to cause her any pain, or embarrassment.   Having said all that I have found it becoming increasingly difficult to be him one day and her the next.   So I have more or less decided that I will e going full time in the new year, and that will entail finding a new church.

This Christmas is a difficult one anyway, but the thought of it being the last one with my Church family makes it quite a bittersweet experience.   It is great to worship with my friends using my instruments in "Spirit and Truth" but it hurts to think that this may be the last time.
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