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Monday, 15 December 2014

Letting Lose

I don't go in for these sort of things, indeed as a general principle I rather disapprove of the whole Horoscope thing, not just because of their inevitable inaccuracies but because the Bible warns us against it.   I have written about this before here, and as I said then remember what happened to Saul!

However I was referred to this one by a "friend" who thought it rather accurate.

Virgo (23 Aug-22 Sep)

Keeping yourself on the straight and narrow can take it's toll sometimes, Virgo. Roving eyes searching out the local bar? Tempted by naughtiness? Why not embrace it for once? It's all very good behaving like a saint, but occasionally my friend you have to let loose. No-one can be good all the time, and whether your guilty pleasure is drink, food or women, I think you should indulge yourself. It's Christmas after all... 

As with most of these things I think that most of this can be said to be pretty accurate for around 90% of the population, and possibly 100% of the population who read these things.  However what I want to take issue with here is not accuracy but attitude.   One of the things we learn as Christians is that we are all subject to temptation, it is how we deal with temptation, and how God deals with us when we succombe.   After all we pray that God "Lead us not into temptation" just as we pray for His forgiveness.   The reason why I try not to embrace the temptation and "let lose" is simply because it actually is good behaving like a saint.   Indeed I am saint!   As a protestant one of the core beliefs I hold is that all the community of believers are saints, this is how Luke and Paul use the word in the Bible, and that's good enough for me.

What I take even more issue with is the idea that since it is Christmas we have license to behave more badly than we would at any other time of year.   What I am celebrating at Christmas is one of the greatest acts of God, the Son becoming fully human while remaining fully God, the Transcendent become manifest, the birth of Christ, however you want to put it Christmas is about Christ, the clue is in the name!

If Christmas is for you simply a time for self indulgence, miss-behaviour and guilt, then I ask what is it that you are celebrating?

True I cannot be good all the time, but I thank God that when I do slip I know His forgiveness,   Because of Christmas we can have Good Friday (forgiveness) and then Easter (Grace)
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