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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ding Dong

On the whole I thoroughly enjoy my work, as a member of the oldest profession (check it out Genesis 2:8 ) I get a lot of satisfaction from creating and maintaining beauty.   I love to get my hands dirty by being intimate with the soil, I love nurturing plants, indeed I often find myself in the mood where I prefer plants to people.   What I don't love is the precarious nature of the work, there are days when I cannot work because of the weather, or like this time of year when other people are on holiday so don't want to see me.

As it happens today is cold, not artic we simply don't get it that cold in South East England, but there is a solid sharp frost, so there is very little work I could do that would not cause more damage than good.   It is always handy t have another string to the bow, and that is one of the reason I have maintained my interest in textiles reclamation, I do a bit of consultancy work primarily with one local collector, and that helps keep me interested as well as keeping the financial wheels turning.   I have now started yet another business, like my on-line friend Stana I am now an Avon Lady.   Now I have no idea how successful I will be with this, I am not looking to make a fortune, rather just to get a little extra income and make a facility available to my friends.

The initial meeting with my manager was very friendly and very interesting, Avon have come quite a long way from where I remember them years ago when I had family members working for them (but that's another story).   I think what was in some ways even more interesting was that neither of us mentioned my being trans, and it was simply accepted that that my I.D. was in my legal name not my chosen name.
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