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Monday, 17 November 2014

Saturday Night ~ Sunday Morning

I have observed all too often that there are less and less things I can now do for the first time, r even fr the first time as a woman.   Well I am also constantly surprised that there are still plenty of things out there for me still t experience.

Much to the amazement of many of my friends, family and indeed myself, on Saturday I went out clubbing.   Something I haven't done for somewhere between 30 and 40 years!   Of course back then it was very much "him" who went clubbing, and from the tie apse you may infer hat the only reason I was there had nothing to do with the music, or cheap booze!

For those of us who are not into a physical expression of our appreciation of repetitive rhythmic "music" the only real reason for going to a club is being "on the pull".   As a young man that was certainly my reason, so now going as a middle aged woman was going to be, errm interesting.   At first I was a little resistant to the idea but my friends Patricia and Rachel talked me into it, and then of course the planning had to start.

What should I wear? do I go for sexy, slutty or safe mumsy?   How do we get there? and home?   How much am I prepared to spend? can I dance? (this may seem like a silly question but the other day I saw a post from a girl whose male self never danced, but the girl loves to dance), and slightly frightening what do I do if I get chatted up?   With all my planning and preparation the one thing I didn't anticipate was how much time it would all take up.

Old photo from when I kept my hair in a bag!
We arranged to meet up at Patricia's and then Rachel would drive us up to town for the "Way Out Club" as I was going to travel to Patricia's on public transport I would have to change once I got there, so the getting ready process was going to be a long one.   As I had been out playing the previous evening as well a least I didn't have too much shaving to do and my hair was in a reasonable state but I still had to "get my face on" and sort everything out.   To travel I just wore jeans and a sweater with a pair of flats, for the club I packed a little bag with my bling for the evening, some heels I haven't worn for some time and my zebra stripe cocktail dress ~ this night I was going to be the prey, not the predator.

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