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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Holiday ~ Looking Back VI, Valletta

When I first went to Malta, many, many years ago a friend of mine who was an ex Navy Provost who had been posted there observed, "Malta! What do you want to go there for you might as well sit on rockery under a sun lamp with your feet in a bucket of water."

The Upper Barrakka Gardens
I have now been to Malta five times and am still fascinated by the islands.   It has the oldest man made structures known, It is the sight of St Paul's ship wreck. It has marvelous idiosyncratic architecture, It has it's very own cuisine, somewhere between mediterranean Europe and north Africa with a tinge of Barnsley.   And of course it has Valletta.
Inside the Cathedral

Caravaggio's The Beheading of St John the Baptist
The Capital city, Valletta is not only a World Heritage site it is also scheduled to be the European City of Culture in 2018 And as the centre for the Knights of St John has many interesting palaces and the most wonderful baroque Cathedral, complete with a couple of Caravaggios.

One further advantage, Malta has enshrined Trans People's rights in it's constitution!

View from Grand Harbour

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