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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I'm feeling very complimented at the moment, Stana runs one of the (if not the) most read transgender blogs there is.   Femulate has over 5,000 hits per day, I'm lucky if have 300 so I feel rather complimented to have been featured on Femulate last week.  Indeed it has been a very encouraging week, during which I have received some very nice compliments.

Over the week I came out to some more of my friends at Church reactions have varied from a couple of blokes who were rather confused and haven't quite worked out all their questions yet to a couple of ladies who were just happy that I felt I could tell them as they had already worked it out from Facebook.  

The really nice thing is that this is the group I have most worried about telling, my Church family is important to me and I hate the thought of leaving them, and I hate the thought of being rejected by them even more, yet everybody I have told so far has been accepting, if not yet totally understanding.   Given that my Church is an Evangelical Charismatic church committed to spirit led worship in the modern idiom (Happy Clappy!) this is all particularly encouraging.   Evangelical Christians can so easily become intolerant and socially conservative that they are often seen as the enemy of the unconventional.   My personal experience so far has been good, but I do expect one or two members of my Church to either reject and refuse to try to understand, or worse still try to "cure" me.   I hope I am wrong.

On Sunday after the service I was complimented on my hair by a friend who was actually encouraging me to think about having it coloured, as if I haven't been tempted enough! On Saturday afternoon I was complimented about the way I lead our ceremony of remembrance, then on Saturday evening I was complimented not only on my playing but also on my legs and my sparklies.

I have even had a couple of very nice comments here, so thank you all.  It is always very nice to be told that you look good, or that you have done something well, sometimes it is forgotten how much this will encourage and build someone up as well.  I am feeling very loved, very appreciated and have had my self confidence boosted.

Knowing how much I have enjoyed being complimented I am now going to make a conscious effort to pass a compliment when I have the opportunity, to build up and encourage my friends, rather than grab an opportunity to try to be funny at somebody else's expense.   After all it's nice to good, but it's good to be nice.
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