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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mists and Mellow fruitfullness

Looking around at some of the other Blogs I follow I can't help but see the way different people greet the changing season.   Rugby has been played since the beginning of September, Cricket is well over and the Grand Prix seem to go on all year round, so it's not the sport that is changing.   The days are getting shorter, cooler and wetter.  It is quite noticeable working outdoors that it's cooler and it is now quite often dark when I get home from work; autumn is undeniably here.

For many girls this is no bad thing, indeed a lot enjoy the change as it allows a different wardrobe to come out.   For those who may have an issue with body and leg hair, pullovers and thick tights can be a whole fresh area freedom.

This morning I had to search through my drawers to dig out a thick roll neck sweater before going to work, this was a not very lady like outfit as I teamed the pullover with paint spattered jeans and steel toecapped work books, I fear my bright pink nail polish might have been a little incongruous, but the nice guys at the composting site never mention it.  Personally when not working I find that I am wearing jeans and boots (not the steel toe capped type) most of the time, often with fine knit sweaters.   For me it is interesting that this is pretty much what I was wearing last October, the line between my fem presentation and my male one is increasing fine as far as the clothes go, yet I suspect few would have any ground for confusing them.

I am learning that it is not so much the clothes that make the difference, it's the accessories, the makeup, and most of all the attitude.   Of course this doesn't mean that I have abandoned my girlie girlie dresses, this weekend I will be going out to dinner on Friday and playing at the LGSO concert on Sunday, so that will be at least two occasions for a bit of glamour.
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