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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Reality Check

After yesterday's post I have received some valued advice on beach - or poolside wear.   I expect Malta to feel quite warm even at the beginning of November so would like to have some sort of costume with me, but don't want to frighten the horses.   I will of course have to bear in mind my age and size as well as the all important factor of "coverage".   Of course in my minds eye I want to look like this (left), totally ignoring the minor factors of body shape, age, hair, before I start to think of any of the more obvious problems (i.e. not wanting the problems to be more obvious!)

I could be tempted t go with something like this (right)

But on balance as long as I am somewhere between, but not too close to these other two I will be reasonably happy, and I still have plenty of time to find something I like.

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