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Paula's Place

Friday, 5 September 2014

Not the only one in the Village

I'm a little surprised, but highly gratified with all the interest in my musings on swimsuits, obviously this is a problem area for girls like me, and I strongly suspect that the easiest way to stop it being a problem is simply to not go swimming.   However I have come across a couple of projects specifically aimed at finding safe environments for trans people to be able to go swimming.   One of them quite close to where I live.   I hope that they manage, and I for one will be supporting them.

I am actually quite surprised at just how many organisations and projects for trans people there are around, indeed I am still quite surprised at how many trans people there are around.   After so many years thinking that I was the only one, that I was both alone and weird, frightened of admitting who I felt I was or expressing my femininity. Now I find we are everywhere, I see trans people in all walks of life some bold and "out there" others just quietly getting on with their lives.

The more we come out, the more visible we are, the more we are seen as normal safe people, then the easier it will be for future generations to act early and not go through or create the suffering of earlyer generations.
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