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Paula's Place

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Busy, busy, busy

I noticed the other day that someone listed as one of their pet hates sentences starting with "So", well I know that that is something I am highly guilty of, Every time I do it I try to challenge myself as to whether it is sensible but I do it anyway. So here I am at last sitting down. relaxing and watching the Italian Grand Prix.   I say at last, not because I have been waiting eagerly for the Grand Prix, but because I have had such a busy, indeed at times frantic weekend.

So far I have had to work, take daughter shopping with her guitar to be restrung, go to a meeting in town, play a bandstand concert, go to friends for lunch, rehearse the evenings worship songs, and then play in the worship band at tonights service.   To make matters more complicated some of these activities are hers, and some of them his.   However I do find that the border is getting increasingly blurred.   One of the areas of my life hat I had been keeping male was my Church life, but this week I have been e-mailing my Vicar and have come out to him, he has been understanding, supportive, and grateful for my honesty, even if I continue to present as make this will of course alter the relationship, I hope for the better, as removing the secret can only be a good thing.   Also this mornings performance was as Paula, and I had no tie to change before lunch so this was the first time that one of my friends had me Paula.

This of course led to an explanation for my situation, and I am glad to say that I now have another supporter, there is much more I could, and possibly will say abut all of this, but right now I am feeling the strains of the weekend and need my bed.
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