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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Little Miss Contrary

When my daughter was very small, (well actually she's still on the little side) one of my favorite things was reading to her before she went to sleep.   These were intimate times when just the two of us shared a bit about our day, I could devote myself wholeheartedly to her for those few minutes, and they became precious to us both, indeed they were the highlight of my day.   One of the books that I used to read to her was "Contrary Mary" the story of a small girl (well actually I think she was a mouse) who behaved in a very contrary manner.

I was reminded of her when I sat down for my dinner tonight, a couple of weeks ago I weighed myself and decided that I needed to lose a little weight.   Today I repeated the exercise and little had changed, I could still do with losing around half a stone before I go on holiday.   So why did I sit down to a dinner of two fried eggs, fried mushrooms, black pudding and bread and butter.   It was rather nice, but not exactly slimming!

And as far the little girl I used to read to, well I don't read to her anymore, but those intimate times we spend together are now the highlight of my week.
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