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Paula's Place

Monday, 15 September 2014


Sunday dawned bright and early, as it tends to, indeed it was quite a lot brighter than I was until I had my regular glass of range juice, a couple of cups of coffee and a bath.   However I was still ready before my daughter, as we met up to for an outing to Kew Gardens.   This is one of my daughters favorite gardens, and indeed days out, when ever we go there is always something new and interesting to see.

We enjoyed the tree top walk, and the borders planted with all sorts of annuals and herbaceous flowers, but mostly we just wandered around the gardens chatting, this is pretty much my idea of an ideal day.   The only two flies in the ointment were horrible traffic getting there and back, and the fact that it had to end so I could get to my evening rehearsal.

It's not just schools that have started up again, all sorts of activities seem to coincide themselves with school terms, so orchestra rehearsal, band rehearsals Church homegroup and all sorts of other things are all getting started again.

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