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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Good Day

Yesterday's experience at Wisley was very different from the one I wrote about yesterday, partly because I had the company of my good friend and supporter S with me, and partly because I am just so much happier in my own skin than I was six years ago.

I did have an experience which very much balanced up the comment I mentioned yesterday about the woman with a beard, on entering the gardens as a member I simply have to show my membership card and I and my guest just go in.   When I showed my membership card yesterday, for the first time ever I was asked if it was actually my card, I confirmed it was, was checked over and let in, S was confused, "Well who else's card would you keep in your bag" I had to explain that the membership is still in my male name, and that I took it as a compliment!

Rather than write a long and rambling account of our long and rambling visit to this, my favorite garden, or indeed quite possibly my favorite place, I will just share some of my photos of the day with you.

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