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Paula's Place

Monday, 11 August 2014


The other night we had a Trans PALS club night, and I met a couple of the girls I hadn't seen for a while.   It is always good to catch up, I hadn't seen Rebecca for ages, it may even be over a year.   Amongst all sorts of other things we were talking about web sites and this Blog.

So I would just like to draw your attention to the links on the right hand side of the page.  The link used to take you to The Croydon Trans Group, it now takes you to Trans PALS, not a different organisation, but a different name, and a fresh approach.   Running with a much more collegiate approach we plan to be a lot more active, taking part in larger events - like Pride - having some group outings, and tieing with other groups for mutual support and exchange of ideas and information.   The change of name also reflects a geographical reality, although the group started in Croydon and we still have our regular Club Nights in a Croydon Pub, we are not just for people in Croydon, indeed none of the three of us most involved in running the group at the moment live in Croydon.   Having realised that there are not any groups in any of the neighboring Boroughs our new name reflects that we are for all trans people across the whole of South London (not that we will reject anyone from North of the Thames or the surrounding Counties).

It also came up that my friend Rebecca has a web presence, take a look a her site and see what you think.

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