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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Good Bye Frank

The big breaking news here in the UK this morning is the transition of Boxing Promoter Frank Maloney, now known as Kelly.   I heard the news on the radio lying in bed this morning and followed up by reading the original piece in the Mirror.  

I am happy to leave it to these articles to give you the news, I was struck by two things, firstly here is a woman who has been occupying what is ostensibly a highly aggressive masculine role in a highly competitive aggressively masculine world, and people say she mus be brave to come out, I think she was brave to survive so long hidden.

The second is the involvement of an organisation called TG Pals, this is a new organisation to me, and I am just a little worried as my group has just undergone a transition of it's own, a new group has emerged out of the old Croydon Trans Group, and is now known as Trans PALS, for Trans People Across London South.   I do hope that the similarity of the two names will not cause any confusion

Anyway, I have updated. my links at the side so take a look at our new (but still evolving) website.

(Also I love Kelly's dress!)
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