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Paula's Place

Friday, 1 August 2014

Taxing times

For all those of us who are self employed and living in the UK today is one of those horrible days when we have to pay the taxman! once every six months we have to put our hands in our pockets and pay our dues.   Most of our compatriots have to pay tax every month or every week, each time they are paid, but because of our self employed status we only do it twice a year, of course this also means that each time we have to pay six times as much.

Now the well organised business like people put aside the amount they will need to pay each month into a savings account; accrue a little interest and then pay what they have to when they have to.   The rest of us get surprised every time and then find that we have to scrimp and scrape together the pound of flesh we have to pay on time, or be charged interest and a fine.   So I spent too much of the morning trying to get what little money I have in the right place to be able to settle my account.   Of course apart from the loss of productive work time this can also be more than a little stressful, so I did manage to reduce the stress a little by making my visit to the Building Society wearing a nice light blue long cotton dress.   Very cool, very comfortable and in my opinion very stylish.

Friday will be all about work during the day and then out with my daughter in the evening and then on Saturday I will have to make sure I am very girly ready for Brighton Pride on Saturday.   Our float has a purple theme I have a variety of options but at the moment none of them seem to be quite right.   For once this is an event when I don't need to worry about passing, or indeed even blending, and in some ways that makes the choice even more difficult.
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