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Paula's Place

Monday, 25 August 2014

just a quickie

So, just got home after a thoroughly butch weekend with Mum and Daughter, the drive home as an absolute bitch, rained nearly all the way and way too much traffic, just kept grinding everything down to a halt.   The M4 is not the best place to spend five or six hours at the best of times but on a rainy bank holiday evening, well lets just say I can think of better things to do,

Still we all had fun over the weekend, it was god to spend time with both my Daughter and my Mother, and have lunch with my Eldest Brother and Sister in Law, for once I didn't have to do all the cooking but it did feel like an awful lot of washing up at times.  Being 93 Mum has never quite accepted innovations like dishwashers and microwaves so everything has to be done the old fashioned way.

Now I am going to settle down with a beer, and omelet, and my recording of Doctor Who
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