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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I have been wallowing a lot recently, a combination of self pity, and sheer exhaustion have made it quite difficult for me to get going.   I would wake up feeling lethargic and unmotivated, even though I knew I had to bring in the beans in order to stay afloat.   Often it would be a sheer act of will just to get out of bed.

I am still weary but I know I can now go ahead and book a holiday, I have a new van (all be it that it does need a couple of jobs doing on it) and I have a way of clearing debts in process.   All in all suddenly life seems so much better, I woke up relatively early this morning, looked around me and saw the state of my bedroom, and just felt I couldn't start the day until I had given it a clean.   I have been aware of this for some time, but this morning I felt able and happy to get on and do it.  

I have a busy day ahead as I have a full day's work booked and still have to transfer all my gear from Gloria into the new van.   But at the moment am actually looking forward to getting back to gardening after the last few days enforced break.   Dare I say it I am hoping that I will be able to sustain this renewed enthusiasm for life and that is not just a manic moment!

Gloria Monday
A note on van names; as a general principle I am against giving inanimate objects names, my theory is that as soon as you name something you begin to develop a relationship with that item.   Certainly the cars, vans and instruments that I miss most are the ones that I named, the others have just been tools for doing a job (apart from my trombone which is precious!)

Having said all that I had always old myself that if I ever had a Transit I would call it Gloria, (note my first 2 vans were Dodges and the second 2 were Renaults) just so I could explain with the Latin tag "Sic transit gloria mundi" and so my first and much loved Transit became Gloria Monday, the logic just meant that the second and not nearly so loved became Gloria Tuesday, if I ever buy another Transit she will be Gloria Wednesday, et.c etc.  Of course just out of contrariness I have gone and bought a Mercedes Vito.

Dannii the Vito?

I am not sure whether I will name her or not, and if I do what she will be called, but at the moment I am warming to Dannii.
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