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Paula's Place

Monday, 18 August 2014


Thank you all for the kind comments and wishes I have had after my last couple of posts.   I feel very blessed at how so many people have rallied round and offered support, either emotional and / or practical.   As many of you will have realised I nt n believe in God, but I do believe he is active in our lives, and answers our prayers, on Friday my prayers tended t take the form of inarticulate groans of despair, but God heard and understood, and sent me help.   I will not go into details but I am now in a position to replace Gloria and get back to work, indeed I should be in a considerably better position than I was at the beginning of last week.   Sometimes I find that I have to go into a place of adversity before I realy understand that I am loved supported and watched over.

So today I will be going out and looking at replacement vans, and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to fit the an out and get back to work.   For those of you are interested in such things, today I will not be pretty, not because I am frightened of any reactions, but for a much more base reason, I suspect that as "Him" I will be in a better position to negotiate and prices if that is possible.

I now I often complain about not having a holiday, but being forced into a position where I can't work is not exactly restful, so now I just want to get back to work, save up so shekels and then book my holiday.
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