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Paula's Place

Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Prayer Answered

My last post may have made me sound a bit "down" well the reason for that is that I was.   I could definitely feel the "Black Dog" at my back, I did eventually manage to stir myself up to get out and do some work, and what happened - the van broke down.   It felt very much like the final straw, I could see no way out, certainly I prayed, but in all honesty I'm not at all sure what outcome I expected.

While trying to come up with some sort of way of dealing with the situation - work waiting to be done, van stuck in Croydon, no recovery membership, no money, and no idea - I phoned one of my business customers t make arrangements for a meeting I attending on their behalf tomorrow.   During the course of the conversation my predicament came up.   Well my customer immediately made arrangements for one of his drivers to come over and tow my van to his depot so that his mechanic could take a look at t for me.   Then later as we were talking he made a suggestion that I think will ease my financial situation as well.

I won't say that this has blown away my depression, neither has it made me the South London Garden Magnate, but it has given me hope, and that is the main thing that we all need.
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