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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wash Day Blues

Don't worry I'm not about to break into song, I will keep my blues strictly on the Bass.

One of the many downsides of my current lifestyle is that there is an awful lot of laundry to get done, not so bad at this time of year, I can generally just stuff it in the washing machine,, and then hang it out in the garden to dry ~ as an aside it is a little surprising how easily I have got used to hanging my pretty smalls as well as my not so pretty bigs out in comparatively public view ~ this way I can get two or three loads done in one day.   The ironing is another matter, but not what concerns me right now.

This is the first time in my life when I have regularly done my own laundry, first my mother did it, then I used to have a service wash, then my wife did it.   Now I have both a garden and a washing machine I do it, and as I say it's not too onerous a chore.   My problem may be due to lack of experience or knowledge but it is beginning to get me down.

How can my clothes come out of the machine dirtier than they went in?   Every now and then I will do a load of washing and as I hang it out I will find dirty grey smudges on one or two items.   Inevitably it is usually the white ones that are worst.   I wipe around the door seal, I have used a descaler, I have even run an empty wash, but still it happens.

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone give me any ideas how to stop this happening?
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